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Love Connection – Jenny and “Kite”

By Trina | December 21, 2020

One of my most favorite people, Jenny K ❤️ asked me about colts with specific breeding. At first, I told her “hmmm” but then made a decision to sell a personal filly that I had been saving for me ?. In between Jenny leaving her home getting here to the ranch, I thought “maybe I…

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Seek Joy In Finding The Truth

By Trina | December 20, 2020

Sunday morning vibes! Friendships are built on many ideas – truth, loyalty and love are on the top of that list. Jesse may weigh 8lb and Elena 150lb, but he trusts her to not hurt him, and she protects him. If we watched Mother Nature a bit more, there are most definitely black and white survival truths.…

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Stick to the plan

By Trina | December 7, 2020

He always has a plan. Letting go of our perfectionism is a turning loose to the story that God has in place for us. It’s so very difficult to lose those we love, yet peace comes across me when I see this picture – I can remember the day! I was blessed beyond believe to…

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Building more than fence

By Trina | December 6, 2020

As I was putting the last screws in the fence, the dusk was changing to dark. The clangor of the drill ceased and I could hear nothing, and everything all at once….. Nothing cures the inside and the outside of us quite like hard work, sweat, blisters that turn to calluses and the sight of…

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One Last Hurrah Before 2021!

By Trina | November 12, 2020

Can you believe it?  I dang near can’t!  It’s been a whirlwind of a year, challenge after challenge, change after change.  But the last clinic of the season is just around the corner….one last hurrah in Giddings Texas!  Lot’s of room for auditors to take in the last clinic of 2020, three days of foundation…

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The Heart Of Horsemanship Podcast

By Trina | November 12, 2020

As I did a Podcast interview with Maredith and Colton Woods on October 29th, the dogs gracefully stayed quiet for the 2 hr visit  (Pic or it didn’t happen, right?!) Their questions were well thought out and I was impressed, much like I was 3 years ago when I met them. They had asked me what keeps…

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Tummy Ache

By Trina | September 29, 2020

A friend asked me last week; what has been the good of 2020 for me personally? I quickly laughed and said I’ve been testing out retirement a lot lately! It’s pretty nice  But I’ve been pondering that question a lot: you know that tummy ache or uneasy feeling sometimes when you meet someone but you…

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Equestrian Legacy Radio Interview September 24, 2020

By Trina | September 24, 2020

If you weren’t able to catch me live with hosts Gary Holt and Bobby Jean Bell along with special guest Angela Meyer on Equestrian Legacy Radio today, sit back, relax and have a listen! xoxo Trina Equestrian Legacy Radio Interview September 24, 2020

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Where were you on this day?

By Trina | September 11, 2020

Where were you on this day? I was with Lee Robinson and Peter. Peter was watching the news, and me and Lee were about to start shoeing a horse. We watched the TV in the bus – I remember swearing it had to be a movie ….. watching people jump from towers, seeing people lose their lives…

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Sunday Soup and Thoughts…

By Trina | September 6, 2020

Good morning! It’s Sunday and I’ve gone for my walk, finished the morning chores, working on laundry, cleaning the house and just made a cool cauliflower and tomato soup! But here is what is weighing on my mind… I am always interested in books or guides to personal improvement, business improvement, marketing improvement! And it…

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