Where were you on this day?

Where were you on this day?

I was with Lee Robinson and Peter. Peter was watching the news, and me and Lee were about to start shoeing a horse. We watched the TV in the bus – I remember swearing it had to be a movie ?….. watching people jump from towers, seeing people lose their lives finding others….. What did I feel was more important? My heart sunk for the families that were never going to see their loved ones again. Tears rolled watching firemen, police, EMTs, never weaken on helping and searching. My heart broke and in the end that I was helpless to do anything but pray…..

I was also so proud to be an American and loved seeing our flag stand so brilliantly by everyone, it was painted on hay bales, on vehicles, in everyone’s yard… Such horrific tragedy, broke our hearts, with that crack, loved flowed for each and every person. Heroes were wearing police uniforms, firefighting clothes, furry dogs, suits… I hope peoples hearts break again today, reliving what happened, revisiting the pictures, listening to last phone calls, hearing stories of the past. And I hope enough hearts crack to let the light shine in and the love to flow out and truly change our direction.

Where were you on this day?