Ready for 2021

Are you ready??? Are you chasing your dreams??? 2021 is gonna be here soon! Lets make it a year to crush goals! Achieve dreams and be your best! Are you ready for 2021?!

Over 30 years ago, we (Peter and I) coined the phrase “Willing Partners”. That’s as fancy a name as I can give you for educating yourself with your horse. And remember: It’s SIMPLE, not EASY! The more flowery words, adjectives and fluff one dreams up to convince oneself, the more difficult it becomes to achieve. The more illusive the mind begins to think it is. The most difficult part of the entire equation is the human – start by becoming a CAN DO person, not a CAN’T person with a list of excuses. I can give you an illusive thought – the older I get the less dust I create… but wait – that’s not elusive ???‍♀️ I’ve spent a lifetime with horses: Driving, packing, riding, jumping, cutting, roping, shoeing, doctoring, feeding, starting, putting down and solving the world problems talking with horses ???

Are YOU ready to make a deal ? with yourself? Set down the flowery writing pen and be accountable with quality not quantity and unleash the power within you to become that person, you’ve always known was there. Be sure to carry extra water to replenish the sweat and tears it will take. I said it was simple, not easy! 2021 could be your best year yet! Or…. WILL be it your best year yet? The choice is all yours. I’ll be waiting for ya at an arena near you ? – see ya soon ☺️