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Sunday Soup and Thoughts…

By Trina | September 6, 2020

Good morning! It’s Sunday and I’ve gone for my walk, finished the morning chores, working on laundry, cleaning the house and just made a cool cauliflower and tomato soup! But here is what is weighing on my mind… I am always interested in books or guides to personal improvement, business improvement, marketing improvement! And it…

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A house in front of a huge rocky mountain

Mini Ranch Clinics

By Trina | August 30, 2020

I have some serious questions here…. I have some serious questions here….How many of you would love to go to the ranch clinic?How many of you would love a girls weekend surrounded with horses?How many would like breakfast, lunch and dinner served to you and 2-3 friends on a deck watching antelope, horses, deer and…

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The Mountain

By Trina | August 27, 2020

So, not all days are great…not all weeks are great. My friend talks to me about Matthew 13 and weeds and wheat. Life is this ever changing journey and sometimes the mountain side is steep and covered in weeds. But there will always be flowers, bushes and trees to help guide the way… and finding our…

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Unique décor hidden within greeneries

Sunday musings…… people vs the horse

By Trina | August 23, 2020

Happy Sunday…2020 has most definitely been teaching me more about people than I ever thought…… If you know me, I can sit in Vegas and people watch… I study, wonder, watch people at a concert… The horse is simple, it has no ego or lies… The human is this ever changing creature that can surprise…

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Virtual horsemanship lessons are a go!!

By Trina | April 12, 2020

Happy Easter everyone! We’ve done two weeks of virtual lessons with great success using Facebook messenger and Zoom. At the moment I am offering virtual horsemanship group lessons and a limited amounts of private lessons. Its super simple! Once you’re set, send me, via Facebook messenger, two or three, 1 minute video clips. It could be…

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Uncertain times call for virtual lessons!

By Trina | March 21, 2020

While everyone is doing their part to “flatten the curve” on the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to do my part in helping my students learn about the horse, while staying safe. Do you have a burning question about your horse? Is there a part of the horsemanship that you need clarification on? Do you want to…

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A beautiful rainbow

Lake Stevens WA Postponed

By Trina | March 19, 2020

Due to so many things being up in the air with the Coronavirus, the last thing I want to do is endanger any of my students, friends or their families.  With a saddened heart, we are postponing the Lake Stevens WA clinic March 28-29. Chriss has come up with an amazing idea to help everyone…

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Saddle Up America Podcast

By Trina | November 23, 2019

I had the blessing of being featured on the January 24, 2019 edition of Saddle Up America podcast on! I had blast visiting with again with Gary Holt and Bobbi Bell as we delved a bit deeper into my “English roots”, where my travels have taken me and a bit about the ten day summer…

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There truly is two sides to each picture, each story, each soul we meet…

By Trina | November 3, 2017

There truly is two sides to each picture, each story, each soul we meet… as I watch the snow fall, it reminds me of cold, trouble and early nights… yet it that same scene creates beauty, serenity and clean across my mind… Our lives are that way too… A dear friend to me said to…

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We aren’t sentenced to this life this way… you chose it…

By Trina | October 27, 2017

We aren’t sentenced to this life this way… you chose it… you have an opportunity to your future… it comes down to a decision… As Tony Robbins says… if you want to take the island… burn the f*cking bridges (yes he said that)… and then you have made a decision ? In our quest for bettering…

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