Love Connection – Jenny and “Kite”

One of my most favorite people, Jenny K ❤️ asked me about colts with specific breeding. At first, I told her “hmmm” but then made a decision to sell a personal filly that I had been saving for me ?. In between Jenny leaving her home getting here to the ranch, I thought “maybe I can convince her of something else” ??‍♀️. But then seeing “Kite” nuzzling and in Jenny’s back pocket, who was I to stand in the way of love ?? I am so grateful for these two: The journey is going to be amazing- two very talented girls right there

– ❤️❤️ Trina

I was gone from the house for 41 hours this past weekend. For 20 hours I drove. What I thought was 2 hours ended up being a fabulous 6 hour barn time warp! The rest of the time was spent chatting ?, being a spoiled houseguest, and sleeping in a snowy twinkly light covered bunkhouse in a princess bed. I went to see a gal about a horse. Meet “Kite”! She is a 3 year old quarter horse and she will be a fun challenge for me. I hope to learn a lot from this sensitive and extremely smart filly. Thank you, Kitrina Morris, for believing in me enough to take this girl home! Jenny K.

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