Stick to the plan

He always has a plan. Letting go of our perfectionism is a turning loose to the story that God has in place for us.

It’s so very difficult to lose those we love, yet peace comes across me when I see this picture – I can remember the day!

I was blessed beyond believe to have my son Jesse in my life for a short time. And Pops well — it’s most hard to lose the one who could fix anything and everything, the one who believed in you – good or bad, he was always there.

Life teaches us so many things each day. Each moment, if we choose to open our hearts and minds, the journey becomes never ending. It’s always improving, and no longer will we desire mediocrity. We will strive for that next adventure, leading us down paved roads, dirt trails and all paths in between.

The key is letting go ❤️

Stick to His plan ?

xoxo Trina

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