Seek Joy In Finding The Truth

Sunday morning vibes! Friendships are built on many ideas – truth, loyalty and love are on the top of that list. Jesse may weigh 8lb and Elena 150lb, but he trusts her to not hurt him, and she protects him. If we watched Mother Nature a bit more, there are most definitely black and white survival truths. But more so, kindness and respect sure show up to the dance much more than we think. Those that believe anthropomorphism might have it backwards. Maybe the dog taught us love and loyalty? Sunday mornings are a chance to review your life by feeling our way through it, not so much reliving the surface. Growth is always a struggle, yet choosing the path of pavement leads us only to regret. Now, if you paved that road – carry on. If you think you are entitled to skateboard down that paved road – good luck!! The pavement only goes so far and it takes more than a weekend warrior to keep paving that road. I hope today, more than any day, you forget the surface workings of so many things and people and search for the truth, which exists in all of us. We need to not look outside ourselves, but within ourselves – we have all the answers ?❤️ Seek joy in finding the truth.

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