Clinic Overview


The students gain a new understanding of their horses—how they move, why they move, and when to direct them. This class helps horse and human gain confidence and safety, and for the human, the ability to understand the horse.

Remember, horsemanship is easy—get the horse to want to be with you whether you are on the ground or on his back! With three classes offered by Trina, there is definitely a class to match you with your horse’s ability.

Foundation Horsemanship is a great class to learn all the fundamentals of understanding your horse from the ground and his back.

Learn how to properly use the rope, flag, and other tools that can enhance your ability with your horse. After having ridden with Trina, fit yourself into Horsemanship 1 or 2 where each class becomes more advanced than the last. The more advanced horsemanship class can include flying lead changes, working other horses, jumping, cutting, dressage, or trail work!

CW – Cow Working

Students learn to understand how to get the best out of their horse while working cattle and see how cattle and horses have so much in common in how you handle them.

Ever heard that a cow is stupid? How many cowboys does it take to get a cow in a corral?!

No matter if you are new to cattle (heck, maybe you even ride in an English saddle!) Trina will help you improve your skills while staying safe! Are you a seasoned cowboy or cowgirl? Let Trina enhance and refine your knowledge to produce a bridle horse that’s a working partner for life!

CS – Colt Starting

Time is taken to properly halter break horses and colts. Handlers get their horses used to being touched, saddled, and prepared to ride. When the proper preparation is taken, the riding is no problem.

This is a great class to truly unite with your steed and start understanding the importance of proper and practical groundwork.

If you are new to horses, this is the perfect class to start from scratch and build a lasting foundation with your horse.

Have a troubled or bothered horse? Put it through this class and restart your horse’s thinking patterns to be a positive experience!



Two-Day Clinics
$350 per class
$650 for both classes
*Participants in Cow Working classes will have additional cattle fees TBD

Three-Day Clinics
$550 per class
$1100 for two classes
*Participants in Cow Working classes will have additional cattle fees TBD

Private Clinics
Contact the Clinic host or office for details

Mini Ranch Clinic Getaways
Contact the office for packages and pricing

Invitation Only Ranch Clinic
Contact the office for details

**All fees are non refundable and can be subject to change**

Payment Methods

US Clinics

PayPal, Zelle, Venmo are applicable apps. (Zelle is preferrable)

Check – Please make checks payable to YIC, LLC and send them to your clinic host along with your registration form.

Canadian Clinics

e-Transfer – Please send e-Transfers direct to Trina at [email protected] and indicate for which clinic you are sending money.

Cheque – Please make cheques payable to Kitrina Morris and send them to your clinic host along with your registration form.