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Smile And The World Smiles With You

By Trina | April 15, 2014

On a Sunday afternoon after spending 4 awesome days at an equine affair in Columbus, Ohio, I am amazed at the support, friendship, and just plain good-heartedness of folks! As your inner cowgirl, one of my roles is to run my husband’s business and at certain times promote him (Lol)! It was our first year…

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Chicken Soup? A Favorite Any Time of Year!

By Trina | April 7, 2014

My last post featured an easy single person dinner, and I said you could use a store bought whole cooked chicken. But let’s not throw out that carcass! It has awesome flavor left in it and some good meat stuck to the bones! I am not a precise cook and perhaps it’s because I have done…

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Cooking For One?

By Trina | April 4, 2014

Once Peter heads back on the road, I am left alone with the dogs to fend for myself! I always have folks tell me it’s hard to cook for just one, but I have an assistant I like to call “Chef Mic” (the microwave). He makes an awesome assistant and can help the single cook! I am not…

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Chap Top Purse Giveaway

By Trina | April 2, 2014

To celebrate my brand new blog, I’m partnering with Carlos at to give away this amazing Chap Top Purse! Entering to win is so simple – just take a look at all the great stuff has to offer, then come back here and leave a comment telling me about your favorite item(s)! That’s all you have to do!…

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Spring Gardening

By Trina | March 31, 2014

Hey Cowgirl Sisterhood! With Sunday being my day off, I was itching to work in my garden and get things cleaned up!! With the garlic sprouting and the rhubarb trying to start, makes me hope spring is actually here! It started me thinking of the millions of seeds I always buy (and never have enough room for!). One…

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Whoa, What A Ride!

By Trina | March 26, 2014

Have you ever seen a snow flake? I finally have… See this picture? It’s on my dogs back. Each one individual and beautiful by its own design. And you know that’s how all things are. My motley crew of dogs all the same but different and wonderful within their own personalities. Like a human, each…

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People-Watching At The Airport

By Trina | February 28, 2014

As I sit in the airport, I watch the people going by and how many have confidence… power… How many are tired. There are those that look scared and some look down right stuck up. And I see how a response is handled by a certain ticketing lady I’m “camped” near… I can imagine their…

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By Trina | January 29, 2014
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Global Warming I think not!!!

By Trina | January 27, 2014

Well, it’s been a long, cold, warm, windy, snowy, rainy and sunny January! I am not sure where the month went but it’s gone! I did find a very cool recipe… that is awesome tasting and super easy to make! I finally bought myself a Canon 70D camera with some cool features and a zoom lens!…

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2014 – The Year of the Horse!

By Trina | January 2, 2014

Well, I rang in the new year with a party at the house and me coming down with some kind of “crud”!!! But alas 2014 goes on whether I am sick or not! When one is under the weather, planning a party can become a nightmare… it’s best to keep it simple…With meat, veggie and…

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