Spring Gardening

Hey Cowgirl Sisterhood! With Sunday being my day off, I was itching to work in my garden and get things cleaned up!! With the garlic sprouting and the rhubarb trying to start, makes me hope spring is actually here! It started me thinking of the millions of seeds I always buy (and never have enough room for!). One of the fun things I grow over winter is celery… and it’s simple and easy to do.

When you have been to the grocery store, I always buy the whole celery with the green leaves on the end! and you can go organic or not — your choice! Once you have used your celery, I leave the end intact and place it in a tall glass with lots of water, it encourages the roots to get long! I put it in a sunny window and forget about it — until I see roots!

Once the roots get going I put it in soil and still water the heck out of it! When it’s warm enough, I’ll plant them outside and they grow to be huge, beautifully green celery perfect for summer salads!

I want to send a special congratulations to my dear young friend, Olivia Dixon! She just had her first baby girl Avery Claire Dixon! This cowgirl I have known since she was 12 and has ridden with peter and I for a lot of years…. She is one of the few young ladies to really take her horse knowledge and use it well!

Olivia is a shining star in my books and I am so proud of his young lady and her accomplishments! I look forward to watching her raise Avery!!!

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