Smile And The World Smiles With You

On a Sunday afternoon after spending 4 awesome days at an equine affair in Columbus, Ohio, I am amazed at the support, friendship, and just plain good-heartedness of folks!

As your inner cowgirl, one of my roles is to run my husband’s business and at certain times promote him (Lol)! It was our first year at an extremely large and well known horse expo, and I can tell you that our booth was run by all ladies that volunteered their time and efforts to help in the booth. Most booths have hired folks, and it’s quite a testament that our people would drive 3-5 hours, stand on a cement floor for 10 hours, praising the horsemanship of Peter Campbell!

I can also guarantee you, if you stopped near the booth, you were guaranteed to leave with a smile! On the final day, we promoted Selfie Sundays, and folks loved the fact our booth was fun loving gals, posing for pics with anyone and everyone!

It goes to show you that your inner cowgirl can come out at any moment and help make someone in the world smile!!! I was so proud to be a part of this weekend and honored to “hang” with such a group of fine women! I don’t make it to all of Peter’s clinics anymore with running the ranch, milking the cows, riding colts, checking cattle, and blogging! I am happy to report that Peter has the best following of great people!

My head is still swirling, comprehending the ability these ladies showed me on how to give so unselfishly… how to adjust to fit any situation… and how to be kind and generous to everyone in their path!

My new black and green hat is off to the cowgirl sisterhood for showing me what a great girl really is!