Whoa, What A Ride!

Have you ever seen a snow flake?

I finally have… See this picture? It’s on my dogs back. Each one individual and beautiful by its own design.

And you know that’s how all things are. My motley crew of dogs all the same but different and wonderful within their own personalities. Like a human, each of us is unique and unusual in our own ways. But our sense of self brings forth our beauty, humor and aura!

Here is one lone snow flake on my horses nose! It’s funny I as describe it as lone but when I see it, I see this intricate, strong, tiny piece of Mother Nature that survived the wind and temperature to land perfectly on the horse’s nose and stay unique and special amongst a sea of snow flakes falling from the sky. 

It’s a message I think… to be strong and beautiful in our own way and have the strength to wade through the usual, the common, and find a spot to stand out in our own way, stand on our own strengths!

Remember we aren’t to arrive at the grave well preserved, but skid sideways proclaiming “whoa what a ride!” And I believe to have that ride, we need to believe in ourselves and show the world how beautiful and strong we are inside and out!

Ladies, put your big girl panties on, saddle the bronc of life, and ride it like you stole it! Fur side up and steel side down!!!