People-Watching At The Airport

As I sit in the airport, I watch the people going by and how many have confidence… power… How many are tired. There are those that look scared and some look down right stuck up. And I see how a response is handled by a certain ticketing lady I’m “camped” near…

I can imagine their job sucks most of the time, as flights are late, folks are bumped or want to try and put some huge carry on bag in the plane! At first glance, my ticketing lady seems perhaps uncaring? Perturbed or maybe just pensive? As the first standby fella walks up… he is already on the fight… been bumped twice and he wants to get to some town in Arizona. She looks at him… lets out a big laugh and says “son there is only one of me and I can only help one person at a time. Please have some patience.” And begins that tapping on the computer.

He’s dancing around and huffing and puffing, and she’s smiling away and sends him to another gate with another ticket. No “thank you” from this fella, just a huff and a puff.

The next is a tall gentleman in a fancy suit. He politely asks how he goes about being put on another flight that gets him to Durango, Colorado. Our ticketing lady becomes soft and quiet with a pleasing smile says “one moment sir” and taps on her computer again.

There were 8 different people with 8 different flights she had to rearrange and she “adjusted to fit each individual”.

I was amazed watching her. Most folks nowadays would work from where they are and the customer would have to make do. Being I am on my way to Seattle to do a girls clinic, I am hoping all the girls that come to ride with me will be that willing to adjust to their horses.

Now, I have to admit I’m a wreck getting to the airport, as I am always nervous I’ll miss my flight! So like today, my flight is at 3:14 pm but we had a winter storm warning (and we ALL know to listen to those this year!), so I left the ranch at 9 am, drove through sleet, ice, and fog, which miraculously turned to sunshine near Denver! So needless to say I am 3 hours early for my flight! Lol !!!

But!!!! It gives me time to answer emails, snoop on Facebook, and people watch! I am very intrigued watching people and how they interact or the lack of it! It helps me to understand how the human operates and how I can help them with the horse.

When you look through your “looking glass” at humanity, it’s of no surprise why we have such trouble with the horses or life in general! It seems as though people find trouble easier than peace. And before finding some resolve it has to be someone else’s responsibility. I think when we wake in the morning, we truly need to have a conversation with ourselves, eye to eye, and tell our inner self to shape up and try harder, take responsibility for ourselves… and top it off with smiling more, more laughter, more joy.

Alas, I must move camp – another gate change before my flight! Another chance to watch new people! Haha!

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