The Heart Of Horsemanship Podcast

As I did a Podcast interview with Maredith and Colton Woods on October 29th, the dogs gracefully stayed quiet for the 2 hr visit (Pic or it didn’t happen, right?!) Their questions were well thought out and I was impressed, much like I was 3 years ago when I met them.  They had asked me … Read more

Tummy Ache

A friend asked me last week; what has been the good of 2020 for me personally?  I quickly laughed and said I’ve been testing out retirement a lot lately! It’s pretty nice But I’ve been pondering that question a lot:  you know that tummy ache or uneasy feeling sometimes when you meet someone but you … Read more

Mini Ranch Clinics

I have some serious questions here …. How many of you would love to go to the ranch clinic? How many of you would love a girls weekend surrounded with horses? How many would like breakfast, lunch and dinner served to you and 2-3 friends on a deck watching antelope, horses, deer and the occasional … Read more