The Mountain

So, not all days are great…not all weeks are great. My friend talks to me about Matthew 13 and weeds and wheat. Life is this ever changing journey and sometimes the mountain side is steep and covered in weeds. But there will always be flowers, bushes and trees to help guide the way… and finding our self respect and self responsibility changes the entire journey. Slowly but surely I find my way up the mountain and when I get worn down, and my heart feels crushed, that slice of sunshine comes my way… through an amazing phone call, an eye doctor swearing my birthday was 10 years off, the dreams of a magical future including a gorgeous gate ? and a friend or two to lean on checking in with a ❤️ or ❤️❤️… and all at once strength is renewed, my heart is healing and the journey carries on with 4 furry dogs and 30 some horses trotting right beside me.

It always has to rain to see the rainbow ?. Its always the darkest hour before dawn. Choose wisely what mountain and who’s climbing it with you or planting weeds.


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