Sunday Soup and Thoughts…

Good morning! It’s Sunday and I’ve gone for my walk, finished the morning chores, working on laundry, cleaning the house and just made a cool cauliflower and tomato soup! But here is what is weighing on my mind… I am always interested in books or guides to personal improvement, business improvement, marketing improvement! And it always comes back to a few basic rules…. Of which I always seem to come back to my little pocket book of The Four Agreements….

Each of the 4 Agreements, holds so much value whether we put it into our “person” or into our business outline… What’s pretty cool, is they fit into the horses as well…. The horses are our greatest mirror to the 4 Agreements. find it funny that as we progress through life, we narrow down naturally the path we take. I don’t believe that’s a bad thing either… as we get older alot of people say you just find less patience for the people that upset you or the situations that get you in trouble. I like to spin that, I feel especially over this past year, I have found I am allowing myself to migrate to the good, not trying to justify why or think about the undesirable, be it in people or situations. Most people, admit it…. find the bad in the situation or the people first… there’s always an excuse, an opinion, a judgment… Ask yourself these questions… do you wake up in the morning wondering what adventure the world is going to offer you? Or do you roll over thinking it’s just another day? And how does it end? Are you falling into bed glad the day is ending? Or do you reflect on the day satisfied you did your best… no regrets?

I know it’s an all over the map post — but it’s Sunday and I’m trying to organize my office to be more efficient… Perhaps it’s to help clear my mind so I can focus on sharing and finding more good… This year so far! I have found many things to be grateful for and each day I strive to help someone else find grateful things in their day… Or just help them… Like Audrey Hepburn says, “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” This year I am really digging deep within myself to work on this… and let me tell you — it’s work for both hands. Many of us, are great at helping others, but forget to take time for ourselves… And then there are others, out for themselves, which is fine as well, but you won’t be able to find true happiness I believe unless you help others… Of course, the golden rule to helping others is never expecting anything in return, truly giving from your heart to theirs.

As I am typing my thoughts… my friend Tina Colby keeps jumping into my mind… She is the ultimate testament to my thoughts on giving unconditionally. There actually are so many of you that truly don’t know your impact on my life… And I am the type of person who sees what’s in people and then I try to mimic or mentor those good things I see and help them become me. I may have met you in passing or you are my closest friend… but I will always see something in you to improve me…. Which leads me back to how life, horses, business it’s all the same — it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that is most important.

Take the time on this Sunday to send a text, a message or a quick phone call to someone who’s influenced your life — but wait — don’t do it expecting anything back — say it from your heart to their’s and that’s it… 

Here’s the great base soup I created this morning! Can’t wait to try a bowl!