Virtual horsemanship lessons are a go!!

Happy Easter everyone! We’ve done two weeks of virtual lessons with great success using Facebook messenger and Zoom. At the moment I am offering virtual horsemanship group lessons and a limited amounts of private lessons.

Its super simple! Once you’re set, send me, via Facebook messenger, two or three, 1 minute video clips. It could be something you are really having trouble with. It could be something that just needs a bit of finessing, or something in between. I review them, and then we review them together during our virtual lesson. I give the group homework for our next lesson. It’s a great way to see your faces and hear your voices along with being able to help you. This might be what gets me through this pandemic!

Lynane Plumlee is super awesome at helping me organize the group sessions and has really got the virtual horsemanship lessons rolling! Do you have a small group of friends that you would normally be riding with? Get together with them virtually and have a blast while learning about your horses. If you don’t have a group of people in mind for the virtual lessons, Lynane will be able to put you in with a group of amazing peeps!

We are working towards a much more formal process through this website, but for now we have it organized pretty good!

Please contact me, Kitrina Morris or Lynane Plumlee on Facebook messenger to set up your virtual lesson group. Together, we will get through this!

Check out some of the fun we have been having the past couple weeks!!

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