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Super Heroes!! Come Ride With Me!

By Trina | February 12, 2021

The other day, I read this Facebook post from Christine Derengowski, Writer, about Super Heroes. Please have a read and share it as you never know whom it might help! And it got me to thinking….. Are you a Super Hero Mom, working from home and teaching the kiddos? Are you a Super Hero Dad, working from…

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Stick to the plan

By Trina | December 7, 2020

He always has a plan. Letting go of our perfectionism is a turning loose to the story that God has in place for us. It’s so very difficult to lose those we love, yet peace comes across me when I see this picture – I can remember the day! I was blessed beyond believe to…

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On this chilly fall morning – I embrace the chance to….

By Trina | October 6, 2017

On this chilly fall morning – I embrace the chance to have my first bowl of oatmeal with honey and I splurge with some heavy cream to fill in the cracks. A hot cup of Earl Grey Tea with more of that luscious cream sits beside the laptop. The quiet peaceful ringing of the chimes…

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A hug… it’s a simple thing… but means so much…

By Trina | August 21, 2017

It can fix tears… It can help the scratched knee… It congratulates… It says I love you… It can give you strength… It can say I’m sorry… It can say things will be ok… It can say thank you… When I write… I want my words to hug you… I feel we need humanity more…

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It’s just a day when I think of many questions…

By Trina | July 14, 2017

It’s just a day when I think of many questions… I’m the blogger who writes in the moment… not planned… not prewritten… today I’ve rode 7 or 8 different horses… each time thinking how I can help the horse… yet in return it helps me… so I thought… Are you a women in search of your…

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Do you live your dreams or do you live your fears?

By Trina | July 11, 2017

Do you live your dreams or do you live your fears? It matters not what you deserve… it matters what you believe… you must believe the greatness inside of you! You must find that superstar and bring it to life! I always say we don’t “find” ourselves we create ourselves… when you look into the…

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Your Inner Cowgirl Tote Bag Giveaway

By Trina | May 13, 2014

It’s time for another amazing giveaway here at Your Inner Cowgirl! Up for grabs is this very cool YIC tote bag, perfect for carrying all your stuff! Entering to win is so simple, and it starts with following the directions in the Rafflecopter below. There’s one mandatory entry and 5 optional entries. Remember, the more you…

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Chap Top Purse Giveaway

By Trina | April 2, 2014

To celebrate my brand new blog, I’m partnering with Carlos at BuckarooGear.com to give away this amazing Chap Top Purse! Entering to win is so simple – just take a look at all the great stuff BuckarooGear.com has to offer, then come back here and leave a comment telling me about your favorite item(s)! That’s all you have to do!…

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