On this chilly fall morning – I embrace the chance to….

On this chilly fall morning – I embrace the chance to have my first bowl of oatmeal with honey and I splurge with some heavy cream to fill in the cracks. A hot cup of Earl Grey Tea with more of that luscious cream sits beside the laptop. The quiet peaceful ringing of the chimes my friend Paula has sent me, reminds me of my North Carolina family. I close my eyes and can picture the green grass and the smell of the rain gently falling making everything so fresh and clean. I look around my kitchen floor to see 5 dogs from 8 pounds to 108 pounds flat out some snoring heavily after our morning hike. The clouds outside are rolling in looking like a big thunderstorm is about to begin. Last, the sweet smell of brown sugar and the spices of the pulled pork I have been babysitting since yesterday are floating through out my little cabin on the front range.

A short message from a dear friend sparks a thought while a spoonful of my sweet breakfast dances on my tastebuds… When we decide to step on that ladder of life, we find out to make a commitment to growing. And of course in growing we must be uncomfortable… comfortable with being uncomfortable… When we truly start up that ladder step by step I believe some people get angry with the ladder of life because it seems never ending— my friend said to me… just when you step up there is another step and I am falling in love with the ladder —I have always been a better student than a teacher… her statement filled my heart with joy as it was the simple truth — you will hear me say life is simple, horses are simple… just not easy… and the ladder of life is the same — fall in love with you, fall in love with your ladder, fall in love with your journey! I truly hope I never reach my destination, this journey of life is proving to be so exciting I can’t imagine an end to it. When we fall in love with ourselves first anything after that is an extra blessing. This is something I believe we all work on, on a daily basis. And when we are rich in love, positive in attitude and strong in mind, we can conquer the daily evils we run into — Surround yourself with like minded people striving for positivity and you will succeed. It’s like the saying you are big fish in a small pond — go to the big fish pond and you become the small fish…. two things happen here… you weaken and end up hiding in a corner or you strive to gain ground and catch up to the big fish… Growth is our biggest accomplishment in life —By surrounding myself with bigger fish… I have made a conviction to take another step up that ladder… that ladder I am falling deeper in love with each day… Just remember we always have two choices in life — better or bitter — Every day, I don’t make that choice… I am better… I can… and I will… I offer you this — watch my life and I will definitely entertain you — step into my life you’ll be transformed. I am your sister in possibility, lets follow the path of success and happiness – remember you can’t google download happy or love, we must find it in a moment, a growth an experience… Thank your for letting me stop by today and have a visit…

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