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A plate of crumpets

In The Kitchen – Crumpets!

By Trina | February 28, 2021

From Epic Fail to Amazing Crumpets Crumpets originated in Wales, which I am part Welsh! This chilly morning after my run with the dogs, I decided to make crumpets. My Pops used to like them and it was a treat when he would bring them home. — My Mini Ranch Clinics are filling up for 2021. I…

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Chicken Alvie ~

By Trina | May 9, 2015

Well, in my quest for better eating and cleaner foods…. I made a chicken dish that my friend Faye would love the recipe for — How the recipe came about was… I had started experimenting on a new chicken dinner for the ranch clinic as most folks love my “Mediterranean” chicken … but this year…

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Split Pea for Gabriele!

By Trina | May 8, 2015

Well, a while back I had made split pea soup for the first time — so simple and hearty! Wow! This is a quick recipe and quick post for my friend Gabriele! One of the kindest, coolest gals I know from Ontario, Canada! Pea soup is extremely easy and I happened to have two ham hocks and…

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Veggie Soup for a Cold Winter’s Eve….

By Trina | December 19, 2014

Well, it’s clouded over and started to snow… I am too lazy to wander outside and pick a pork product to cook or the other freezer for some beef! I look in my fridge at the last head of cabbage from my garden and some left over jalapenos, broccoli, baby kale and of course my…

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Not your Momma’s Macaroni

By Trina | December 14, 2014

So the other night, I was looking around craving Kraft Macaroni and cheese…. You know the powdered cheese! I usually keep a couple on hand just incase of kids coming over or an emergency dinner! But alas, not this night. I searched around for something and found the elbow noodles and started the water to…

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