Not your Momma’s Macaroni

So the other night, I was looking around craving Kraft Macaroni and cheese…. You know the powdered cheese! I usually keep a couple on hand just incase of kids coming over or an emergency dinner! But alas, not this night. I searched around for something and found the elbow noodles and started the water to boil… I found some left over pesto, a few slices of bacon, Maybelle’s mozzarella and some whip cream! So I baked by bacon in the over at 400 degrees until nice and crispy…. After I drained my noodles I put the hot noodles back in the pot poured some cream in there, 2 tablespoons of pesto, and a handful of mozzarella along with a dash of parmesan cheese I found hiding in the back! little salt, pepper and garlic! Crunched my bacon on top and added a pinch of dried chives from my garden… Voila! Dinner!!

Now some of you I can hear now, I can’t cook like that? How much? We need measurements! Not so much — think of things that go together, bacon and cheese, pesto and pasta… you will need some kind of liquid, it could have been milk, melted butter perhaps a hint of white wine? Think of the things you like to eat, you might have added tomatoes and bacon and even wilted lettuce with some mayo stirred in for zing!

The only thing to be careful on is not to add too much at once… so you can regulate and keep things smooth and the flavors layered… And don’t forget salt! I didn’t say the whole shaker but enough to bring out flavors…

To my inner cowgirls, live life to it’s fullest, it’s not the destination! Its the journey… I have made some good messes of food and that brings you the experience to have the wisdom to create other great dishes! So, you must jump in take a chance — buy the weird fruit, veggie or fish at the store and figure out a way to use it! If you really mess up, open a can of soup…. Hah

If we don’t take time to make time to smell the roses, plant the garlic and enjoy life – why are we here?