A Birthday Special announcement

Special Birthday – Birthday Special!

By Trina | January 29, 2021

On Saturday (January 30th), I’ll blow out 50 candles on my birthday cake. I can think of no better way to celebrate my birthday, than to offer a special on my 2021 clinics, for my students all over Canada and the US! Please stay tuned on my Trina’s Horsemanship Clinics Facebook page where I will be making the…

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Trina and her horse, Rocker

Equestrian Legacy Radio Rendezvous West Announcement

By Trina | January 27, 2021

EXCITING CLINIC ANNOUNCEMENT! Equestrian Legacy Radio’s RENDEZVOUS WEST National Trail Ride September 16-19 at Bryce Valley Ranch RV & Horse Park in Cannonville Utah, will be hosting a Trina Morris Horsemanship clinic! The Equestrian Legacy Radio’s Rendezvous Trail rides benefit the Mustang Heritage Foundations Veterans & Mustangs program. For more information about this event and…

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On Air logo beside a microphone

Equestrian Legacy Radio Interview January 21, 2021

By Trina | January 25, 2021

I was honored to be on Equestrian Legacy Radio – Saddle Up America with Gary Holt and Bobby Jean Bell again on January 21, 2021!!! It was wonderful to visit with them and start thinking ahead to all the great things I have planned for the ‘road trip’ clinics and mini ranch clinics. All while I…

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Herd of horses

The First Change

By Trina | January 10, 2021

Sometimes it’s hard to not let the behavior of others destroy our inner peace. But you will never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart. Sometimes our hearts get covered up by the grease and grime of the world. And the nay sayers build cobwebs, making it most difficult for the mind to feel…

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Trina confidently riding a tall horse

One Last Hurrah Before 2021!

By Trina | November 12, 2020

Can you believe it?  I dang near can’t!  It’s been a whirlwind of a year, challenge after challenge, change after change.  But the last clinic of the season is just around the corner….one last hurrah in Giddings Texas!  Lot’s of room for auditors to take in the last clinic of 2020, three days of foundation…

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Trina’s podcast on horsemanship

The Heart Of Horsemanship Podcast

By Trina | November 12, 2020

As I did a Podcast interview with Maredith and Colton Woods on October 29th, the dogs gracefully stayed quiet for the 2 hr visit  (Pic or it didn’t happen, right?!) Their questions were well thought out and I was impressed, much like I was 3 years ago when I met them. They had asked me what keeps…

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A house in front of a huge rocky mountain

Mini Ranch Clinics

By Trina | August 30, 2020

I have some serious questions here…. I have some serious questions here….How many of you would love to go to the ranch clinic?How many of you would love a girls weekend surrounded with horses?How many would like breakfast, lunch and dinner served to you and 2-3 friends on a deck watching antelope, horses, deer and…

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Solo Mission

By Trina | August 18, 2017

We can’t measure our goodness by what we don’t do…by what we deny ourselves, what we resist and who we exclude… We must measure our goodness by what we embrace and create and who we include… 32 riders and a few extra husbands and friends hanging out, no one was left behind… Each day we worked on…

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Get out of the stands and play the game of life…

By Trina | June 26, 2017

Get out of the stands and play the game of life…after a weekend of so many amazing people…it is even more clear to take courage and run over fear like a steamer roller… we all have such greatness in us…to find it we must make big dreams…ones that scare us… then jump on them and…

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Free your mind and your soul will follow…

By Trina | June 23, 2017

I saw this quote and it triggered many things in my mind…whether its horsemanship or life… until we can let go of our past… we are stuck in the mediocrity of our present… when we embrace our future and fall forward into our destiny we are given … our mind will free up and our…

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