The First Change

Sometimes it’s hard to not let the behavior of others destroy our inner peace. But you will never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart. Sometimes our hearts get covered up by the grease and grime of the world. And the nay sayers build cobwebs, making it most difficult for the mind to feel the heart. The revelation: The transformation is a journey that is extremely individual. A place that once felt comfortable – will now make you feel like a tourist. Life can become a blur, although it’s actually becoming clear.

You hear me say “keep a bottle of water handy!” Those tears of frustration need to get out. I think what’s difficult to understand, is that those tears are washing all the grime, the cobwebs, the yuck that has been holding you down or back!

Today as I looked at my colorful circus of monkeys, I was reminded of all the tears I’ve washed away in their manes. All the “ah ha” moments where the horse and me were one. The early mornings or the late nights trying to soothe them if they are hurt or not well. I’m honored that I get to live this life. I’m blessed for the love of all these animals. And I’m reminded the first change you make in the world is changing yourself ❤️