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Personal Vision through a Caramel Latte

By Trina | January 14, 2016

So — on this windy day in Wyoming – i woke up at 4 AM to drive the hubby to Denver, witnessed a beautiful sunrise, Denver in rush hour and then back to Cheyenne for a Thrive Local with some great friends!… With a little time to spare — I figure I’ll tap into some…

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Personal Momentum

By Trina | January 12, 2016

So — to start 2016! With a bang — I have Peter’s clinic schedule done, a calendar done! Girls clinics almost all booked and organized! I am climbing the exciting ladder in my Thrive business! The ranch, ponies and other creatures (including a sugar glider) are prospering in the sunny days!  And Your Inner Cowgirl…

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Reflections of Gratitude

By Trina | December 24, 2015

As we near to the end of 2015, I am in awe and in fact the year seems surreal… From it starting with 4 new ponies in January and joining an amazing company named LeVel – to ending the year driving a new Mercedes car and a Christmas bonus to me of a new Mac…

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Chicken Alvie ~

By Trina | May 9, 2015

Well, in my quest for better eating and cleaner foods…. I made a chicken dish that my friend Faye would love the recipe for — How the recipe came about was… I had started experimenting on a new chicken dinner for the ranch clinic as most folks love my “Mediterranean” chicken … but this year…

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Split Pea for Gabriele!

By Trina | May 8, 2015

Well, a while back I had made split pea soup for the first time — so simple and hearty! Wow! This is a quick recipe and quick post for my friend Gabriele! One of the kindest, coolest gals I know from Ontario, Canada! Pea soup is extremely easy and I happened to have two ham hocks and…

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Failure, experiment, Success!

By Trina | January 3, 2015

So a friend of mine that has a large blog, told me to be sure to tell my stories whether they be successes or failures… It started in the blizzard this afternoon, when I should have been doing book work, but alas, I figured I had bought this rice flour, as I am trying to…

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2015 is Here!

By Trina | January 1, 2015

So…. my inner cowgirls! I know some of you have woke up to a hang over while others are still in bed! Welcome to 2015!!! However you are entering it! I really don’t have much to say except this year is the year to truly dig deep inside yourselves and find that awesome inner cowgirl…

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One Nation… Under God… At The Rodeo

By Trina | December 26, 2014

I was lucky enough this year to spend 4 days with dear friends from Canada, that I hadn’t seen in a few years. Peter my husband, gets to see them yearly… Just a little background on them – “The Millers” and not quite like the movie “Meet the Millers”… have been friends of ours since…

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Twas The Night Before Christmas…

By Trina | December 24, 2014

Well, it’s the night before Christmas and all through the house not a dog was stirring not even Ms. Babs…. The stocking were hung by the tv with care, in hopes that St. Nick soon would be there… Mr. Campbell in his pj’s sleeping in the living room and I in my yoga pants had…

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Veggie Soup for a Cold Winter’s Eve….

By Trina | December 19, 2014

Well, it’s clouded over and started to snow… I am too lazy to wander outside and pick a pork product to cook or the other freezer for some beef! I look in my fridge at the last head of cabbage from my garden and some left over jalapenos, broccoli, baby kale and of course my…

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