…..I wouldn’t have walked away

I saw this a few days ago, and I have to agree…it hit me different. 2020, if nothing else, has taught me that people’s actions way out prove their words. And though it breaks my heart to its core when friends, clients, students let go of the friendship, help and relationship – God has always healed it. Slowing down long enough to see perhaps that, that path wasn’t meant to be paved – maybe just traveled…. my fault ??‍♀️ . I always try to pave that road, thinking and hoping it helps the other person have an easier journey.

Yet still…..

I am a work in progress-
I am making mistakes-
I am on a mission-
I am working on me, everyday-
I am finding peace knowing I back my words with actions-
I am finding calm in keeping my loyalties to the truth-
I am seeking to find more paths, be they paved or dirt-

The rollercoaster of life stops for no one.  So be sure to choose carefully who you invite on the ride.  And remember that many sign up in pencil, few write in pen, and only a handful actually seal and mail the contract….