A Girl in her Garden

With all my traveling, the garden has become more jungle like than garden-like, but I like it with crazy sunflowers growing, the pickles climbing the huge dill plants and up my tomato sticks! The carrots have grown to massive proportions but alas some ugly bug has eaten my cabbage. The pigs will be happy to … Read more

The garden is in.

The garden is in and the green is growing! I have killed the evil potato bugs and my plants are dark green and climbing to the sky! The lettuce is soooo close to ready and I saw a tomato on a plant. Yay! When I was in Cali, I was lucky enough to visit with … Read more

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung and with the long winter across all of America, our new favorite color is green! I know we all have different planting zones but I couldn’t resist this weekend planting my garden. When I plant my garden, I plant all important items first, the ones that get me through winter, potatoes, onions, … Read more

Spring Gardening

Hey Cowgirl Sisterhood!   With Sunday being my day off, I was itching to work in my garden and get things cleaned up!! With the garlic sprouting and the rhubarb trying to start, makes me hope spring is actually here! It started me thinking of the millions of seeds I always buy (and never have enough room … Read more