Be Happy, Get Happy

So in life we are always given a choice — we may not enjoy the consequences but we are given the choice…. And I try extremely hard to use the power of positive thinking —

A few pointers I have learned and work at daily — and sometimes fail horribly!

  1. Learn to not have an ego– confidence is much different than an ego — and I study people that are both sides of the coin so I can learn and see the difference — Confidence takes us far in life and helps us grow —
  2. Quit comparing — and how many times do we hear that — X friend lost X weight and you haven’t — X friend got the promotion and you are at the same job — well– the only comparison you should do is to you — look in the mirror … are you going to do better or let ego stand in your way of changing? Can you do better.. or is your fear going to take a hold that you could actually become something great!
  3. Find your WHY– I have heard this alot in the last year — and I think of it add to it sometimes change it — but I must have confidence in my why…. Your why is usually why you get out of bed in the morning — it should excite you, drive you and for alot of us make us incredibly emotional!

Which of course brings me to enjoying others success — in your inner circle and outer circle – -be happy for people that are chasing their dreams — as they are “their” dreams — not yours — encourage them, support them… don’t weaken and let your ego come into play… don’t compare yourself to them you have different Dreams … different whys!

And last just be dang happy — Do not let your consequences rule your day — you rule your day — your happiness, confidence, drive — gets you through the day — If success and chasing your dreams was easy everyone would do it!!!

We were born to do great things — kick yourself in the butt and figure out how to do something, not hang out and complain about why it doesn’t work….