Dad… AKA… Grizzly Adams

So I start my blog which is a day late — trying to put into words the appreciation I have for so many things!

Maybe I’ll get started with thanking Jennifer Denison for asking me if I wanted to tell a story for Western Horseman — It’s pretty dang neat to see your name in print! 

Here’s where the “twist” appears…. I can remember telling her the story and many more — we were laughing and having a great time with the interview! And at that time I was talking of these different horses that had helped me through the years… 

Jump ahead — I have the Western Horseman in my hand, standing in the post office — I flip to the pages… And as quickly as I found the page — an overwhelming emotion covers over me… tears well in my eyes and I have to put the book down.

When I get home, I read it again — and the tears come again, but it’s okay… When I spoke to Jen it was about the horse and I was proud to tell of my adventure with my dad and Bud! Alas, reading it in print for the first time, I realize, it wasn’t the horse or horses in my life that “taught” me…. It was old “Grizzly Adams” — I have two older brothers and we all have accomplished great things in life — Just like the magazine says…” my dad never doubted what a horse could do -” and he never doubted what his kids could do — he instilled in us great confidence, integrity and a belief we could do ‘it’ — whatever ‘it’ may be…the horses of course, furthered my drive to always do better, do more… be better, be more…

And another “twist” — as I flip through the magazine, the page opens to a review of Trinity Seely’s latest CD… I see the song “Ranch Beauty Queen”… A couple summers ago, Trinity is setting up her speakers on the deck near my bar…she says to me, I wrote a song of you, it’s not done yet…. I of course giddy like a little kid, getting candy for the first time — squeal “play it oh play it!” — and she does… kneeling down gets her guitar ready and to me and 4 other ladies, plays what she has wrote — later on a return visit this last summer — she played it in full to our ranch clinic crowd — And now… it’s available for real!!!

So with two “twists” in my knickers! January of 2016 is proving to be an epic month — and thank you Jen for believing in this “milk maid”… and I thank Grizzly Adams for always being there… He’s like the ground – he’s always there holding us up even if we forget! And to my little sister, Trinity — our friendship holds more than Canadian roots and a love for ranch life… it holds a respect for our innercowgirl! 

As my 45th birthday creeps up on me, I reflect how truly lucky I am for the family in my life — whether they are blood or through the love of friendship…And if you know me at all — the relationships with my animals, definitely humbles me on a daily basis!

Jennifer’s cool article is in the February issue of Western Horseman and Trinity’s new CD Cowboy’s Wage can be purchased at