A Tapenade Adventure


So exactly where did Tapenade come from? I figured it was french due to the sounding of the word, but looking into old Google! one finds out this...Olive-based tapenades with anchovies and/or vinegar are ubiquitous in Italian cuisine and are documented in ancient Roman cookbooks dating back thousands of years before the appearance of the French word tapenade, or indeed the French language itself. The earliest known tapenade recipe, Olivarum conditurae, appears in Columella's De re Rustica, written in the first century AD.  I am just glad someone invented it!!!  With our class in … [Read more...]

Pear today…Pie Tomorrow


So, I found these lovely red pears and bought them just "cuz".... When I got home I remembered seeing poached pears or something to that effect. So I "googled" and found carmelized pears! yummmmmm  I did three different recipes with the 3 pears I bought...And it turned out great! Now remember I don't measure well and part of finding your inner cowgirl is to have fun! and be creative -- so these recipes are simple to follow!   I quartered one pear and placed it in about 4 tablespoons of butter, browned both "open" sides and took out of butter, then I added about a tsp of … [Read more...]

Maybelle’s Feta Cheese~


With fall fast approaching, I seem to be busier than ever but still have some time to make some great Feta cheese!  Now I use Maybelle's (my milk cow) fresh milk! So if you buy store bought milk you will age it a bit differently... First off you will need a gallon of fresh milk-- I just place mine in a big pot -- You will need to have a Feta starter of which I get mine from Cultures for Health. .  Next you will heat your milk to 86F or pretty close....I'm sure mine is at 90F, add one packet of starter and mix well but not aggressively.  Cover and allow  your milk to … [Read more...]

A Girl in her Garden


With all my traveling, the garden has become more jungle like than garden-like, but I like it with crazy sunflowers growing, the pickles climbing the huge dill plants and up my tomato sticks! The carrots have grown to massive proportions but alas some ugly bug has eaten my cabbage. The pigs will be happy to eat wormy cabbage, but not I! My potato plants have died back and it was a little tricky finding all the burrowed potatoes, but with the help of 5 dogs, 3 cats, I found, I hope, all my red, purple and white potatoes! Peter, I and drop-in guests will be set. Next, I went to my onion … [Read more...]

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fall is approaching and for some of us it seems some tomatoes just don't want to change color! I have a few ideas up my sleeve to help you deal with it. First, pick some of those greenies and slice them about 1/4 of an inch thick, bread them in flour, then egg and milk (or Maybelle's delicious cream) and one more dip into Panko crumbs before jumping into the hot oil to turn golden brown. I season them with a little salt or garlic salt when I take them out of the pan. What a delicious meaty accompaniment to a meal or fabulous on their own! Perhaps you have tried the fried tomatoes and not … [Read more...]