Sunday Soup and Thoughts…


Good morning! It's Sunday and I've gone for my walk, finished the morning chores, working on laundry, cleaning the house and just made a cool cauliflower and tomato soup!  But here is what is weighing on my mind... I am always interested in books or guides to personal improvement, business improvement, marketing improvement! And it always comes back to a few basic rules.... Of which I always seem to come back to my little pocket book of The Four Agreements.... Each of the 4 Agreements, holds so much value whether we put it into our "person" or into our business outline ... Whats pretty … [Read more...]

Chicken Alvie ~


Well, in my quest for better eating and cleaner foods.... I made a chicken dish that my friend Faye  would love the recipe for -- How the recipe came about was... I had started experimenting on a new chicken dinner for the ranch clinic as most folks love my "mediterranean" chicken ...but this  year I need to spice it up... as we are 15 years of ranch clinics now!! I need simple, quick, more healthy and feed around 30 folks...hmmm.... so "Chicken Alvie" was born... flattening it out makes cooking quicker... it's all fresh simple ingredient and I can put them all in one pan to fit … [Read more...]

Split Pea for Gabriele!


  Well, a while back I had made split pea soup for the first time -- so simple and hearty! Wow!  This is a quick recipe and quick post for my friend Gabriele! One of the kindest, coolest gals I know from Ontario, Canada! Pea soup is extremely easy and I happened to have two ham hocks and  bones left over from  a dinner so.... I filled the pot to cover the bones and meat and let it boil for a couple hours, adding water if I needed to keep the bones covered... (great to do on a cold day in my log cabin, fills the rooms with a delicious smell and helps heat … [Read more...]

Failure, experiment, Success!


So a friend of mine that has a large blog, told me to be sure to tell my stories whether they be successes or failures...                    It started in the blizzard this afternoon, when I should have been doing book work, but alas, I figured I had bought this rice flour, as I am trying to eat closer to gluten-free and cut back on sugar... I thought, I could make rice flour tortillas for my fish 'tacos" idea... but when googling "gluten-free flours" I find you need a lot of other "stuff" other than one kind of gluten-free flour! Of … [Read more...]

2015 is Here!


So.... my inner cowgirls! I know some of you have woke up to a hang over while others are still in bed! Welcome to 2015!!! However you are entering it! I really don't have much to say except this year is the year to truly dig deep inside yourselves and find that awesome inner cowgirl I know is in there! I look forward to traveling a bit more this year and meeting new gals and seeing my "old" sisters... I can feel it's going to be a fabulous year with lots of cooking, baking, friendship, horsemanship, traveling and loving life!! If you are not a healthy cowgirl I hope 2015  you find … [Read more...]