The Plight of the Pichuberry

The Plight of the Pichuberry

The pichuberry scientific name Physalis Peruviana.  This fruit is native to Peru and has been closely aligned with the Lost Incan Civilization and Machu Picchu. It has many names and when looking for recipes you may have to search Cape Gooseberry, Goldenberry, Ground Cherry, and Uchuva.In my small little town Safeway store I happened to come across this box of pichuberry. Experimental as I am, I bought it and did the "Google" to find out about it! It is a miraculously versatile fruit/veggie that looks like a tomato but has a bitter sweet flavor. It's wrapped in it's own "paper" shell … [Read more...]

Name the Calf Contest!

Name the Calf Contest

Our Maybelle had a baby boy calf  and we want your help naming him! Leave your suggestions in a comment below and win a Your Inner Cowgirl hat.  Leave your name suggestion in a comment by 11:59pm ET on Friday. Peter and I will pick the winning name next week. Excited to read what you all come up with! Good luck! … [Read more...]

Inner Cowgirl Homework

Inner Cowgirl Homework

So many things going on, with the ranch clinic a month away, horses to ride, grass to mow, and the garden is taking off (although my bull ate the tops off all the radishes, I'll have to replant!). Last night I had fresh lettuce out of the garden and it's funny how the tomatoes and peppers seem to get in the way. The lettuce was so tender and green, it's all I wanted to eat! My own tomatoes and peppers aren't ready so perhaps that will make them tastier. I have tied all my tomato plants up and they are growing.  Now to learn how to prune them just right! Thanks again to my Cali … [Read more...]

Cali, oh how I love the ocean!

Cali, oh how I love the ocean

Cali, oh how I love the ocean and the wonderful women I was able to spend a weekend with! Talk about diversity from open jumpers, to a big, big BIG paint Clyde and all horses in between! From 75-year-old awesome moms to 21-year-old eager young ladies, all of them shared the golden thread of finding  their inner cowgirl and becoming a willing partner to their horses. Once again, my weekend was filled with laughter and excitement. Working such a diverse group of horses truly inspires me. To see just what it takes to get everyone on the same page, safe, learning, trying and gaining … [Read more...]

My Ontario Girls.

My Ontario Girls

So, it is not that I have forgotten my Ontario girls, where I spent a fabulous 2 days helping fellow Canadians become willing partners with their horses and perhaps learning more about their inner cowgirl with a warrior pose or two. My quandary comes from just where to start? The amazing hosts Beth and Matilda that brought us all together? The Michigan mafia that were by my side the entire time willing to learn and have a good laugh too? Perhaps the "newbies" that appeared and tried so hard to understand? It could have been the crowd of watchers as I did a trailer loading demo the first night … [Read more...]