Veggie Soup for a Cold Winter’s Eve….

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Well, it's clouded over and started to snow... I am too lazy to wander outside and pick a pork product to cook or the other freezer for some beef! I look in my fridge at the last head of cabbage from my garden and some left over jalapenos, broccoli, baby kale and of course my staple lately.... bacon!  Well, soup is always simple, warms the house and can be for lunch tomorrow or a basis for another invention! So lets start by cutting up the bacon there were 7 strips left and starting them in the pot, next I chopped one onion and 4 cloves of garlic minced,  added it to the bacon to … [Read more...]

Not your Momma’s Macaroni


So the other night, I was looking around craving Kraft Macaroni and cheese.... You know the powdered cheese! I usually keep a couple on hand just incase of kids coming over or an emergency dinner! But alas, not this night.  I searched around for something and found the elbow noodles and started the water to boil...I found some left over pesto, a few slices of bacon, Maybelle's mozzarella and some whip cream! So i baked by bacon in the over at 400 degrees until nice and crispy .... After I drained my noodles I put the hot noodles back in the pot poured some cream in there, 2 tablespoons of … [Read more...]

What to cook??


What do you cook? I get asked that question alot whether it's for the ranch clinic I do where I feed some 30 folks breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as ride with them and of course have a ball in my bar during the evenings!! Or they ask me what I eat when Peter is away conducting clinics....both answers are I don't know....You see I have a garden, canned goods, a milk cow, chickens and beef and pork in the freezer.  I am 15 miles from town so to run to town for extras is not always a good answer! Now of course during the ranch clinic, I have 3 fridges and stock them with fresh … [Read more...]

A Tapenade Adventure


So exactly where did Tapenade come from? I figured it was french due to the sounding of the word, but looking into old Google! one finds out this...Olive-based tapenades with anchovies and/or vinegar are ubiquitous in Italian cuisine and are documented in ancient Roman cookbooks dating back thousands of years before the appearance of the French word tapenade, or indeed the French language itself. The earliest known tapenade recipe, Olivarum conditurae, appears in Columella's De re Rustica, written in the first century AD.  I am just glad someone invented it!!!  With our class in … [Read more...]

Pear today…Pie Tomorrow


So, I found these lovely red pears and bought them just "cuz".... When I got home I remembered seeing poached pears or something to that effect. So I "googled" and found carmelized pears! yummmmmm  I did three different recipes with the 3 pears I bought...And it turned out great! Now remember I don't measure well and part of finding your inner cowgirl is to have fun! and be creative -- so these recipes are simple to follow!   I quartered one pear and placed it in about 4 tablespoons of butter, browned both "open" sides and took out of butter, then I added about a tsp of … [Read more...]