Tummy Ache

A friend asked me last week; what has been the good of 2020 for me personally?  I quickly laughed and said I’ve been testing out retirement a lot lately! It’s pretty nice 😉
But I’ve been pondering that question a lot:  you know that tummy ache or uneasy feeling sometimes when you meet someone but you think “nah! everyone else likes them – must just be me….”  With all the Corona, rioting, politics, lay offs, and sh*t happening in the world, those people that gave me a tummy ache, be it 10 years ago, 10 months ago or 10 days ago, have somehow some way cleared the air most definitely through their actions this year!
Someone dear to me said it best:  “Trina, there is a historical pattern to some people’s journey and we need to be grateful and trust if we are led out of one path and not allowed to continue, but turn onto another.”  So with some 90 days left to 2020, I am grateful, although hard on my heart, that I have been led out of some paths.  And although some paths are gravel and have pot holes, they seem a whole lot smoother and easier to navigate than those slick, winding paved roads…..another illusion to life painted through words 😉
I am sure their is more to be revealed before the year is over… 🙄😯🤭  Stay tuned 😎  xoxo Trina

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