Reflections of Gratitude

Liam on one of the ranch horses, checking cattle
the awesome new little Mercedes
Two very special ladies from Texas!

As we near to the end of 2015, I am in awe and in fact the year seems surreal… From it starting with 4 new ponies in January and joining an amazing company named LeVel – to ending the year driving a new Mercedes car and a Christmas bonus to me of a new Mac Laptop… All the events, people, places and “things” that happened through out the year have created in me a deeper urge to learn more, help more, believe in all things great and small… In fact as I write this I can’t even put into words the blessings I have received this year…
I traveled quite a bit conducting “Milk Maid” clinics across the US and Canada — venturing as far east as Canada’s beautiful Prince Edward Island where the beautiful landscapes compliments the warm and loving hearts of all the people I met there. In fact, I love it so much, I venture twice a year and actually am the January pin up girl for the HJC calendar!

This fall took me to a new place in Texas where the girls clinic was full to the brim with Texans hungry to better their horsemanship!

Uncle Peter with Andrew & Remy Campbell and two amazing daughters!

I traveled to California and Cochrane, Canada as well as Washington to hang with the hubby at his amazing clinics — and of course Cochrane is my old stomping grounds — so to spend 4 days with family and friends was overwhelming and heart warming to the very core… I had forgotten how truly cool my brother was and that I strive each day to have the work ethic and over attitude he does. To see my little (well not so little nephew ride with the master…(his uncle) was also a tribute to us keeping the tradition alive! And as I type that — in May I was blessed to meet Andrew’s (anothernephew) wife Remy and their beautiful girls… Remy and Andrew worked hard all year to improve their horsemanship and it truly showed at the last clinic of the year with Peter!

And with life the ranch this year got an uplifting of new paint on the deck and Liam and I cleaning and fixing up the place! Which brings me to the most amazing ranch clinic we have had in 15 years of conducting them — Every single one of our riders roped life cattle on the last day — dancing every night — Trinity Seely singing — Friends from long ago and near by all joined the ranch clinic to make it an experience that must be experienced!

Along with horse activities — I began a journey with Thrive — which in the one year I have been a part of it has gone from 100,000 likes on facebook to almost 1/2 million. It has also become the #1 Vitamin supplement in the health and wellness industry!

I started as a guinea pig, on myself and when I started to feel the effects of more energy, no jet lag, mental clarity ! I was sold! And began a journey of sharing this wonderful product that surprises me daily — I have shared with people who weren’t riding due to aches and discomforts and after a month are back to riding. The company itself and the people that are on my team on either side of me are simply the most phenomenal men and women!

I have worked at the business and qualified for two expense paid trips to Mexico — (one of which I chose cold Cochrane, Alberta over Cabo San Lucas!) — I also qualified for a car – of which it still overwhelms me I get to drive a 2015 Mercedes around… along with bonuses that have allowed me to give back to the community and purchase a new laptop that I am typing this on!

These were just some of the big highlights of my year — the “smaller” highlights are too many to even begin to share — I can tell you if you haven’t experienced a Peter Campbell Clinic, one of my “Milk Maid” clinics, or the Thrive supplement — you are missing out on some of the most amazing times of your life!

It doesn’t matter to me where you find happiness, horsemanship and health — I just happen to know where I have found it and can save you a little time! With the dawn of 2016 close on my heels, I will close this out with a short thought….

“Don’t be like the rest of them darling….You have the power to change your life at any given moment…never forget that…”

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