Personal Vision through a Carmel Latte

FullSizeRender 6So — on this windy day in Wyoming – i woke up at 4 AM to drive the hubby to Denver, witnessed a beautiful sunrise, Denver in rush hour and then back to Cheyenne for a Thrive Local with some great friends!… With a little time to spare — I figure I’ll tap into some motivational listening. I grab my laptop and head to a coffee shop — A carmel latte is ordered along with an all natural spinach and feta pretzel. In one ear I have my ear piece listening to a talk… And I hear — Personal vision… confidence…5 years down the road…looking in the mirror and being accountable! Yep, what all the books say — I have heard the words over and over, along with Passion! Determination! Self Worth!
And it dawns on me — ok let’s be accountable — how many times will I run to these books hoping for the magical cure? I know with horsemanship there is no magical cure…and the more “I” worked on it the more I understood… the more I understood the more simple it became…The more simple it became, it turned into breathing….
So, why am I so stuck on hoping a book will cure my financial freedom, help my entrepreneurial skills and self growth? Simple answer… I’m lazy…I need to put the Nike quote “Just Do It”  Tattooed across my forehead and when I have my daily talks in the mirror they will become very short and sweet…. I’ll look in the mirror, open my mouth to spew my excuses to myself and validate….and will see my tattoo (i’m kidding) , there will be a gulp of dry air…I will open my mouth and the FullSizeRender 7words will be “yes” … Just Do It….
And so as I see my random act of kindness — I am going to help an elderly lady take her jacket off and get her coffee for her… Have a conversation in the mirror and think of my tattoo — will it change your outcome?

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