Accalaides…for Friday

IMG_5460In a world of fancy technology, it’s pretty simple now a days to click “like” or “share” without any true personal involvement.  I have been following a page on facebook of a dear lady that lives in our town who is dying of cancer.  Many, many years ago I met Miss. Barbie after she cancelled my nail appointment 3 times…upon meeting her, I saw a bandana covering her head and no hair, no eyelashes, no eyebrows…but this glitter in her eye and sparkle in her smile, it was undeniable she was beautiful on the inside and out!  I can remember it like yesterday, she apologized the entire time she did my nails of canceling, that the chemo had made her more sick than she thought.  All I could see was a determined lady with a zest for life and through the years that has never changed in her.  Over the years I have had the honor of getting to know her and that she is single mom, raising an awesome kid…She constantly has been in battle with cancer and she marches on working and enjoying life.  It was a while back now, I was in her shop getting Christmas nails! for an event I was going to and she didn’t seem as perky as she once was.  She told me the cancer was spreading, and a sad look came about her face… I can’t remember our entire conversation, but I remember her sadness and that I told her to kick cancer in the butt and enjoy anything and everything! Sit on the beaches of Mexico, drink beer in Texas … don’t hold back…and through friends in town I heard the cancer had spread to her liver and brain.  I began following her facebook page and found the page called “Barbies  Ellen surprise”.  Her friends are trying to send her to meet Ellen Degeneres…

For those that don’t maybe know who I am married too… Peter Campbell is one of the greatest horsemen around and has spent over 30 years traveling North America teaching people about horsemanship.  His heart is made of gold as he never gives up trying to give the horse a better deal.  And over the years, the folks that ride with Peter have that same gold in their hearts…So I figured why not get this out to “our people” and see what happens… Well, what happens makes you believe in humanity, in true giving, compassion, and that saying “paying it forward”.  In less than 24 hours, that’s correct…24 hours, 3 different people with 3 different leads on Ellen had replied to the post.  People were sharing the post, tweeting and texting.  

They always say you are 3 people away from meeting who  you need to meet…and by gosh there was a lady, a friend of a friend who contacted me and told me she could get 4 tickets for Barbie, but couldn’t promise a meeting…then she added, “and I know friends that could take her on a tour of Universal Studios. Will she need  wheelchair? Would she like that?”…Topped off with another message of, ” Does she like any shows on CBS, maybe she would like to see some sets.”  

So, as it sits today, 4 tickets for Barbie, her son and two BFF’s are scheduled for a late November show of “The Ellen Show”! Plane tickets for Barbie and her son are paid for…and another local secret friend has the hotel almost paid for…

So, I called Barbie and told her of this news… she couldn’t believe it… in fact she kind of  panicked!

“There is more scheduling and organizing to be done, but the tickets are good to go! “, I told her… silence on the other end of the phone… you could tell she was excited but tired.  

After I hung up the phone I began to think and thank technology for helping me get the message out… but what was more important was that no one I spoke with wanted to be mentioned and it definitely wasn’t me who did this wonderful gift.  They said the didn’t want public accalaides… but I will mention there were two ladies from California and two ladies from Wheatland that jumped in with both feet…It makes me proud to part of a cowgirl sisterhood that when I called you out for help, you didn’t let Barbie down.  


I hope all my sisters take a moment and thank another sister for helping them out whether it was today or 20 years ago.  It’s in us all to be this giving…And to my secret helper, well I am inspired to meet you one day and if my heart can be half as big as your heart, I will be doing something in this life.  My hat is off to you my secret helper and to all the ladies and fellas that helped and are still  helping!!!

8 thoughts on “Accalaides…for Friday”

  1. Trina, this made me tear up and smile at the same time….I am so honored to know you. You and Peter have always had a gigantic heart for the horses and for people. This is just a true testament to the character that you have…..
    So happy that this came together.
    My hat is off to you.
    Oh an I love this blog of Your Inner Cowgirl….keeping it so authentic just like you


  2. How wonderful you were able to help one of my sister’s last wishes come true.
    Barbie has always been full of laughter and kindness and could use some kindness and
    laughter given to her. My sister is amazing in my eyes. She has been sick for so long but
    this didn’t stop her from traveling to see me when I became sick. Thank you.

  3. With all the bad news in newspapers and on tv, it is so wonderful to read the American spirit is still alive…Giving, compassion and true caring are the stuff we are made of
    Bless everyone who helped make Barbie’s dream a reality.

  4. You have all been so kind to my girls. Barbie is fighting as hard as she can to defeat this cancer medically, but is known that a good attitude and prayer are a great part of the battle. Your efforts to get to the Ellen show gives her hope and something good to look forward to besides more chemo. God Bless all of you and much appreciation from Barbie’s Mom.


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