About Me

Born and raised on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies, Trina has earned her way to become a talented Horsewoman. Her horseback life began as a 2 year old riding in a pack box to Mt. Assiniboine learning the tricks of the trade from her farrier, teamster, and outfitter father. In her teen years she jumped into the English world riding 3 Day event horses. Traveling to Australia and New Zealand to ride jumping horses, Trina then found her way into a pleasure horse barn. Upon returning to Canada, she met her late husband and moved to California where she cowboyed near the ocean calving heifers and doctoring cattle. Trina now resides in Wheatland, Wyoming on her ranch where she has a small herd of cattle and readies a few nice horses for resale every year. She conducts Horsemanship and Cow Working clinics to Men and Women all over North America.