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I used to have a blog called Margaritas and Molly, but a lot of my friends said folks might not read me as they wouldn’t know my love for creating Margaritas and would have no idea who Molly one of my favorite horses was!!  So alas, I reinvented the blog to Your Inner Cowgirl!

We all come from somewhere and that’s what makes us what we are today.

I was raised with not much money and grateful for what I have. I worked on ranches for free because “girls” didn’t cowboy. I’ve cleaned houses, rode colts, modeled, waitressed and was a nanny to make ends meet. I’ve lived in a Range teepee, a bus, a double wide trailer, an apartment and a ranch. I have been skinny, large, and medium with blonde hair, red hair, brown hair and an array of colorful streaks!

And if I had to build a resume, I could list the following…

I am a cowgirl, a packer, a milk maid, teamster, film editor, a ballerina, photographer, fencer, chief bottle washer, bronc stomper, cattle baroness, wife, rancher, chorologist, teacher, chef, author, accountant, sales girl, concierge and “mum” to a lot pets and people! Fixing up the ranch I learned how to be a carpenter, fence builder, welder, electrician and a heavy equipment operator!

I hope to entertain you with my comical trials and tribulations of my life and all it entails! And perhaps you will find you have an Inner Cowgirl even if you live on the beach, in city or out in the country.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Trina,

    Wow you are a busy lady. I am so sorry for the circumstance that has caused our paths in life to cross.
    I can tell that by reading this you are a survivor and I hope that the sun will shine again in your beautiful face.

  2. awe — thank you sunshine — I am very blessed to have met you and honored we have become friends!

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