Split Pea for Gabriele!

  soup3Well, a while back I had made split pea soup for the first time — so simple and hearty! Wow!  This is a quick recipe and quick post for my friend Gabriele! One of the kindest, coolest gals I know from Ontario, Canada!

Pea soup is extremely easy and I happened to have two ham hocks and  bones left over from  a dinner so…. I filled the pot to cover the bones and meat and let it boil for a couple hours, adding water if I needed to keep the bones covered… (great to do on a cold day in my log cabin, fills the rooms with a delicious smell and helps heat the house!) — Once the meat falls off the bone, take your bones out, I add finally chopped onions, red pepper flakes, garlic, salt/pepper and a bay leaf or two… Next I added two bags of split peas that I had rinsed and discarded any that floated in the water… Bring it all back to a boil and keep a gentle boil for about an hour,  you may need to add more water depending how thick it gets… remove your bay leaves and add a bit more spices to taste — voila! !

Easy Peasy! To stay healthy you could have this with a slice of glusoupten free toast or for a more naughty adventure… I like to cube french bread, and toast it in olive oil in the frying pan, making crispy, crunchy croutons!

On a chilly Sunday afternoon, make a pot of split pea soup to share and warm your families  hearts!!!! Be sure to sit down and share dinner, turn that TV off and leave the cell phones alone… 


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  1. Trina, you are the greatest, thank you. The Pea Soup sounds delicious. I have the perfect ham bone for it. Gabriele

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