Failure, experiment, Success!



So a friend of mine that has a large blog, told me to be sure to tell my stories whether they be successes or failures… 



                  It started in the blizzard this afternoon, when I should have been doing book work, but alas, I figured I had bought this rice flour, as I am trying to eat closer to gluten-free and cut back on sugar… I thought, I could make rice flour tortillas for my fish ‘tacos” idea… but when googling “gluten-free flours” I find you need a lot of other “stuff” other than one kind of gluten-free flour! Of which, I am not running 15 miles to town in a blizzard to buy xanthine gum and powdered milk, wait powdered milk…yuck! when I own two milk cows.  One of the things I noticed in the weird list of  “stuff” is potato starch, hmmmm I think… I will shred potatoes boil them in as least bit of water as possible and will get potato starch! This part of the experiment works and I am left with shredded cooked potatoes I think I can make some potato pancakes out of. Things I think are going to go well, just adapt right?? Except I have no baking powder, so I concoct a baking soda and cream of tartar mixture that should work! Next mix together as recipe says… 1 cup water, 3  cups (regular)flour , 1/3 cup oil, 1 tsp baking powder and salt… Well, my first thought is the rice flour is way more fluffy than plain  flour so 1 cup of my potato starch water is not pulling the flour together… Instead of adding a bit more oil and water, I only add water… Which seems to work sort of — but not quite — you can press out a tortilla but can’t move it! So, I proceed to the press one out in a very hot frying pan. Note to self, carefully press tortilla! I make my tortilla but it’s thick and not really wanting to stay together… so… I think I wonder if I add some of those shredded potatoes? and by now more flour! Just to set the scene, the kitchen looks like world war three, I have pots, flour, potatoes, and more spoons than Walmart! spread on every inch of  the counter.



But I’m not a quitter! I add probably a cup of shredded cooked potatoes more flour and its a wet dough but workable… So I turn some oil on — I’ll deep fry it and make like an indian fry bread! So, here’s a pic of my indian fry bread — not so much and tastes bland but is kind of more bread like, sort of fritter like… As I sit there (being off sugar for a week, can really get your imagination rolling), I see the honey I put in my tea and sugar… Yes, smaller balls and roll them in sugar and cinnamon, drizzled with honey!

I turn the oil back on make up some small potato/rice balls and deep fry them, roll them in the mixture and pour the honey, oh the precious honey from my friend Sabrina in Washington, from her own bees… but it’s all for the experiment !! Voila — biscuit, fritter like potato/rice balls! That taste pretty darn good. They are a bit heavy but not to doughy and oh drizzled in honey — well perhaps it was the honey!

I can say with a little bit more experimenting and perhaps some real baking powder! This could turn into a ranch dessert completely original and I’m thinking with Maybelle’s ice cream and some caramel sauce — oh my!!! And so simple — except for the mess, I know have to clean up… I’m glad I have a small kitchen or I might have a mile of counter top to clean all the sticky dough off of.

Well, that’s my Saturday night for you and I’m not sure I’ll try making my own gluten-free breads or doughs for a while, could be in my best interest to just buy some! As I ended up eating gluten free deep fried rolled in sugar! dumplings… That threw my whole healthly eating to the dogs!  Although as I type, thinking, I’m not going anywhere tomorrow, perhaps I should try rice flour pancakes, as they will have a better binder of eggs and butter… Stay tuned for that story!


“Not bad”


2 thoughts on “Failure, experiment, Success!

  1. Trina I LAUGHED OUT LOUD reading this and as you know I do not laugh much.
    I think you should keep experimenting; it is very entertaining.
    Honey makes everything taste better!

  2. I too was laughing when I read this as I can just imagine you cooking it and the dogs sitting and hoping for more failures to eat. The final product looks great and perfect with a cup of coffee, or healthier green tea, for breakfast!

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