Heartbreak and Blessings


Once again I am blessed and heart broken. Over a year ago we lost our son in a tragic accident. I say our son, as since Jesse was 12 he had been riding at our clinics, and when he was 16 he came to the ranch and lived with me or traveled with Peter down the road. When he was 26 or 27, he traveled back to Canada and found a wife and was going to have his first baby when he was tragically killed in a welding accident.

Jesse was an amazing soul with such try and integrity… laughter and love… personality and character! Anything good you think of someone you can apply and it would be found in Jesse.

Last night another dear friend, our horse Superman that had traveled down the road with Peter about 4 years, passed away of colic. The horse had traveled thousands of miles as Peter’s “wingman” and touched hundred horses and people. At the ranch he was always mischievous and finding things to get into trouble on a daily basis!

Peter and Superman

I can find solace in the fact that Jesse must have needed a bridle horse and the both of them are loping across the clouds getting into mischief!

On a lighter note, I enjoy creating and building. The last time I was in Florida, I saw all this bark from the palm trees, I had a picture in my mind of a flower so I kept putting pieces of the bark in a fashion that created a flower. My center was an old bird’s nest I found near the beach. Here is the start of my “flower” – keep following to see a finished product that will be hung in the tiki bar!

I encourage you to take a walk in nature. Take a grocery bag. Find some interesting pieces, being careful not to destroy some little animal’s home, and then listen to your inner cowgirl and create something you can enjoy this summer! Please post it on our Facebook page so we can learn more about our sisters!

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  1. Trina, while I never had the honour to know Jesse, he lives on in the stories you share. Thank you for that…Superman is in good hands 😉

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